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Online Lecture by prof. Alexis Deschamps

Mapping the kinetics of phase transformations in compositional space: a tool for alloy design

April 21, 2022 @ 15:00 16:00 CEST

Speaker: prof. Alexis Deschamps, SIMAP laboratory, Graduate School of Engineering in Physics, Electronics, Materials Science, Univ. Grenoble, Alpes (France).

Mapping the kinetics of phase transformations in compositional space: a tool for alloy design.

Mastering phase transformations is the primary tool for the metallurgist to control and optimize the microstructure and related properties of alloys.
Phase transformations depend in complex ways on many parameters, among which alloy composition, thermal path, plastic deformation play the most prominent role. Feeding predictive models describing the characteristics of phase transformations resulting from a given set of these parameters (phase fractions, size, morphology, chemistry, spatial distribution, …) requires the acquisition of large amounts of quantitative data.

This seminar will show how X-ray in-situ methods can give access to useful phase transformations parameters, with examples given in nanoscale precipitation (using small-angle X-ray scattering SAXS) or allotropic transformations, whether time-controlled or strain-induced (using high energy X-ray diffraction HEXRD), and how this information can be used for modelling.

In a second part, we will present how in-situ methods can be extended from time-resolved to combined time- and space-resolved, and applied on compositionally-graded alloys. This combinatorial methodology will be shown to provide access to a massively improved coverage of compositional space for the characterization of phase transformation kinetics, and thus serve to assess the robustness of models and accelerate alloy design

This session was be chaired by prof. Annika Borgenstam (KH – Stockholm).

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