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Online Lecture by prof. Kees Bos

Advanced through process modelling for microstructure evolution and mechanical properties in steel strip

April 20, 2023 @ 15:00 16:30 CEST

Speaker: prof. Kees Bos,  Tata Steel / Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands).

Advanced through process modelling for microstructure evolution and mechanical properties in steel strip

Achieving optimal control over mechanical properties during low-carbon steel strip processing requires an accurate understanding of the relationship between process parameters and resulting properties.
Microstructure evolution is a critical aspect of this connection, influenced by various interdependent processes such as work hardening, precipitation, recrystallisation, and phase transformations.
Traditional mean field phenomenological models struggle to capture the complexity of modern steel grades like advanced high strength steels, which are higher alloyed and exhibit slower recrystallisation and phase transformation rates. These reduced rates often result in partial transformations, potentially leading to increased microstructure variations if not properly controlled.

The increased complexity necessitates more sophisticated modelling approaches.

The Digitally Enhanced New Steel (DENS) product development program has brought together over fifteen PhD and post-doc researchers, from four different universities/research institutes, to integrate and enhance existing full field models into a comprehensive 3D full field physical through-process model.
This model encompasses not only microstructure evolution but also the relationships between microstructure and mechanical properties. This model is designed to accurately represent all relevant processes for contemporary low-carbon steel grades.

In this presentation, we will introduce the advanced through-process model, discuss its strengths, and identify areas where further refinement is needed to ensure optimal control over the mechanical properties of steel strips during processing and new product development.

This session was chaired by prof. Erik Offerman (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands).

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