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Online Lecture by prof. Leo A.I. Kestens

Texture Control in Metal Manufacturing : Theory and Practice

January 20, 2022 @ 15:00 16:00 CET

Speaker: prof. Leo A.I. Kestens – Department of Electromechanical, Systems and Metal Engineering – Ghent University, Belgium.

Texture Control in Metal Manufacturing : Theory and Practice.

It is generally known that the crystallographic texture of metal alloys is formed during subsequent solid-state transformations, occurring during manufacturing of the product.
Applied to the specific case of metal sheet manufacturing, it implies that the texture of the finished product is the result of the crystallographic phenomena involved in hot rolling, cold rolling and annealing.
Austenite-to-ferrite phase transformation, plastic deformation, recrystallization and grain growth are the dominant solid-state transformations occurring during thermo-mechanical processing of steel sheets.
Moreover, the crystallographic texture ensuing of a solid-state transformation is a characteristic feature of the physical mechanics underlying this transformation and therefore, a precise understanding of the texture formation mechanisms is an important tool in gaining a better understanding of metal physics phenomena.

The present lecture will give an overview of the current state-of-the-art in these issues.

This session was chaired by prof. Joakim Odqvist (KTH).

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